LinxUs Flight Data Monitoring Solution

Accurately Track Your Aircraft Flight Data

Aircraft Data Just got Simpler

Under the LinxUs Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Program, you can transfer your aircraft’s data to one of two customer selected, third-party FDM vendors: Safran or L3Harris. These vendors will assist in tracking operational data, identifying operational risk factors and, as an added benefit, you may see lower aircraft insurance rates.

Once you officially register with L3Harris or Safran, Textron Aviation will activate the automatic wireless transfer of LinxUs FDM collected data to your chosen provider through AReS II onboard hardware (if your aircraft is equipped with AReS II, then no additional hardware is required). If you are unsure if you meet the hardware requirement, then please connect with your Textron Aviation Service sales representative.

The LinxUs FDM Program is currently available for CESSNA SKYCOURIER, CITATION X+, LONGITUDE, LATITUDE, SOVEREIGN+, CJ4, CJ3+, CJ3 and M2 aircraft. Learn more about how to get involved in the program below:

To join the program, please follow these steps:

  1. Learn about our FDM/FOQA Partner Providers below
  2. Enroll directly with the Provider
  3. Textron Aviation will receive notice from the Provider to activate data forwarding
  4. To verify LinxUs data forwarding is active:
  • Log in to with your Textron Aviation account
  • Click
  • Click to view your forwarding preferences
  • L3 Harris and Safran – In Their Own Words

    L3Harris Technologies is a leader in Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) services. Through flight data analytics, we enable airlines, helicopter operators and business jet operators to make informed data-driven decisions enabling effective decision-making, more personalized crew training and timely support for safety and maintenance teams.

    L3Harris’ web-based platform, Flight Data Connect, provides a fast, accurate recreation of flights in graphical and 3D formats with specific actionable insights, generated by statistical models and machine learning, aligned to each customers’ defined Safety Operating Procedures. We deliver a comprehensive range of innovative flight data services which ensure you maximize operational efficiency and minimize risk. Additionally, we are an International Air Transport Association (IATA) partner and platform is the catalyst for setting global standards in aviation safety, efficiency and evidence-based training, capturing over 7,600 flights daily and growing

    Connect with L3Harris

    Cassiopée Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) is a proactive regulatory-compliant service for gathering and analyzing data recorded during routine flights in order to identify, quantify, assess and address operational risks. More than just a classical event-monitoring tool, Cassiopée analyzes the measurements of relevant flight parameters, with more than 500 measures available for each flight. Its intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive picture of operations by data visualization with trend reports, statistics, graphical analysis and 3D flight replay animations. To complete the safety investigation, Cassiopée FDM includes a big data visualization tool. Cassiopée enhances risk awareness by improving crew feedback with occurrence reporting features and disseminating Flight Data Monitoring results to the crew community. From massive flight data acquisition and decoding to customized data analyses made by Safran in-house experts, Cassiopée supports more than 300 customers improving flight safety, aircraft performances, while optimizing maintenance costs.

    Connect with Safran

    For any questions regarding the program, please reach out to LinxUs Support at

    Statements about Safran and L3 Harris flight data monitoring capabilities were provided by Safran and L3 Harris respectively. Textron Aviation installs flight data monitoring hardware and forwards data to the customer chosen service provider.