The New Year brings new reasons to partner with Textron Aviation for all your aircraft part and component needs.

Effective January 1, you will now benefit from the elimination of costs for routine over and above charges on like parts. This will make your invoicing, exchange, and warranty processes much smoother in the coming year, as well as prevent most surprise expenses or charges after returning your core.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What changes are being made?
We continue to look for opportunities to improve your service experience with Textron Aviation. See updated Terms and Conditions for additional detail on these changes.

Are there any exceptions?
There are limited situations in which over and above charges will continue to apply, including:

  • Over and above charges exceeding $10,000
  • Over and above charges due to causes other than normal wear and tear or parts that are beyond economic repair, lack complete data tags, have been disassembled or are not like for like part numbers
  • Required parts modifications to bring the part to the newest configuration
  • Hawker 4000 parts exchanges

If you have any questions on these policy changes, please contact your Warranty Administrator or

Over and Above Elimination


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