Improved Pricing and Rotable Pool Growth

Continued Investment in our Parts Distribution Network

The voice of our customers is at the forefront of how we continue to innovate and change our business. Throughout this year, our employees have been hard at work reaching out, collecting and acting upon customer feedback in order to provide the most efficient support possible.

We have evaluated our pricing models to ensure our customers receive competitive pricing every time they connect with our business. Due to this evaluation, we have taken additional pricing reductions on over 20% of our common proprietary parts. Benefiting both retail and program customers, this will help to lower operating costs for our customer’s businesses, making their complete ownership experience as effective as possible.

In addition to parts price reductions, we have increased our rotables inventory and worked to expedite our return times for repairs and exchanges. This expansion has resulted in 27,000 rotable assets available in 23 parts rooms globally.

At Textron Aviation, you can expect OEM quality parts at a competitive rate, with expert knowledge, available 24/7, from the people that assembled and care for your aircraft. If you would like to connect with our team regarding these process improvements, please email with your inquiry.