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12-Nov-2019 A new update to 1View was released on November 7, 2019. Enhancements that are released as part of this push include updates made to search, table of contents, and Technical Manual Deviation Approval (TMDA) (Continue...)
12-Nov-2019 Longitude customers who want to use 1View offline will be required to install the 2019.09.30 updates (or later) to take full advantage. This update enables the maintenance tasks that are found with the (Continue...)

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1VIEW Offline Application


Windows Version (32bit) – win32bit_2019.11.04_install.exe
Windows Version (64bit) – win64bit_2019.11.04_install.exe
Mac Version – mac_2019.11.04_install.pkg.zip


Windows Version (32bit) – win32bit_2019.11.04_update.exe
Windows Version (64bit) – win64bit_2019.11.04_update.exe
Mac Version – mac_2019.11.04_update.pkg.zip