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Manufacturer Part Number

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  • Unit of Measure: EA
  • ECCN: EAR99
  • Part Type: Proprietary
  • Weight: 1.01 Pounds
  • Packaged Weight: 1.01 Pounds
  • Packaged Dimensions : 9.4 (L) x 5.95 (W) x 1.55 (H) Inches


Kit - Lower Forward Wing Bolt
  • Provides replacement parts and information for only the lower forward wing attach bolt and hardware
  • Aircraft models:
    • 300 (FA-1 and after, FF-1 thru FF-19)
    • B300 (FL-1 and after)
    • B300C (FM-1 and after)
    • B300C CS (FN-1 and after)
    • B200 (BB-1158, BB-1167, BB-1193 and after)
    • B200GT (BY-1 and after)
    • B200CGT (BZ-1 and after)
    • 200C/B200C (BL-73 and after)
    • 200CT/B200CT (BN-5 and after)
    • 200T/B200T (BT-31 and after)
    • A200CT RC-12K (FE-1 thru FE-9)
    • A200CT RC-12N (FE-10 thru FE-24)
    • A200CT RC-12P (FE-25 thru FE-31, FE-33 and FE-35)
    • A200CT RC-12Q (FE-32, FE-34, FE-36 and after)
    • B200C C-12F (BW-1 and after)
    • B200C UC-12M (BV-1 thru BV-10, BV-13 and after)
    • B200C RC-12M (BV-11, BV-12)
    • B200C UC-12F (BU-1 thru BU-10, BU-13 and after)
    • B200C RC-12F (BU-11, BU-12)
    • B200CT FWC-II (FG-1 and after)
    • A200CT C-12D (BP-46 thru BP-51)
    • A200CT C-12F (BP-52 thru BP-71)
    • B200C C-12F (BP-72 and after)
    • F90 (LA-226 thru LA-236)
    • C90A (LJ-1085, LJ-1088 thru LJ-1726, LJ-1728 thru LJ-1753, LJ-1755)
    • C90GT (LJ-1727, LJ-1754, LJ-1756 thru LJ-1846, LJ-1848 thru LJ-1852)
    • C90GTi (LJ-1847, LJ-1853 and after)

Each delivered OEM part will meet the original manufacturer’s specification or, if the part is not an OEM part, it will meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specification. Please contact metadata@txtav.com if part information appears to be incorrect.
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